SSL certificate "pending" problem

User: epiz_29486896 , url:

My self signed SSL certificate for my domain has been pending for almost a week and counting,

I requested for GoGetSSL, I already input CNAME to my cloudflare with dns.

Hence, I cannot install elementor with that problem, I am new to wordpress, can anyone tell me why this has happened? or what is the problem that my ssl certificate is still pending? I am very upset.

Quite conflicting isn’t it?
So which is which?

This is expected. So what you want to do in the first place?

Im sorry, what I mean is I requested ssl certificate my self, and I chose GoGetSSL.
And I also mean I am new to infinity free not just wordpress

Already working

Wow Thank you, but how can I upload the certificate because in my client area, it is still pending sir

Make sure you indeed put in a CNAME record. Screenshot of CF dns will be good

Here sir

I do not see this entry

in the dns entry.

Anyway, I believe the SSL cert is already installed in your hosting account. Check out your VPanel

i cant understand sir, but ssl certificate is already installed,

But what am I supposed to do with this, because the status is still pending and I cannot upload my certificate to SSL/TLS

This is what I am telling you.

by the way sir, where can i find vpanel?

I dont get it sir, I already visited Vpanel. And this is what I mean

Show me

sorry late reply, I turned off my laptop
here it is

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Is there anything inside?

this is what inside

Strange indeed.
If you want to obtain SSL cert, you need to insert CNAME record for SSL in CF dns

is this that you mean sir? CNAME recor for SSL?

Not this

But this

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