Ssl certificate not updated (yet, AGAIN)


To put it simply, this was given to me by namecheap (PositiveSSL):

├──􀂬 national-naturalism_org.crt
└──􀂬 national-naturalism_org.p7b

I tried copying and pasting the .crt file in the certificate form in the control panel for, it doesn’t work, I’m stuck with that useless self-signed certificate which I can not remove. your interface says there is no certificate installed on either domain names, but it also says one is active.

This goes over my head, I don’t care about security, but without this mobiles won’t even the damn website.
So, what do I have to do, step by step ?

what do you mean? Does the page reload? Throw an error? What happens?

Do note that not every SSL certificate can be installed on free hosting. For example, CA bundles (Like that first file) are not supported here, and only certificates of a certain length can be uploaded to the panel.

The SSL page in the IF dashboard provides trusted certificates from GoGetSSL/Google/LetsEncript for free that work with free hosting.

If you want to keep the self-signed (Which is valid for 10 years), you can use CloudFlare:


Ah. That must be it. Who cares, I didn’t pay for that certificate… As long as the browser shuts up, I’m fine. I thought let’sencrypt wasn’t accepted on infinityfree ? I’ll see with one of the three. But I’ll just say… It would be really helpful, if when one tries to enter such a bundle in the form, we would get a big red “WE DON’T ACCEPT THAT KIND OF FILE !!!”. It would really help.

Thanks !

Let’s Encrypt not accepted? We we will literally give them to you and install them for you!

If you go to the Free SSL Certificates menu in the client area and request an SSL certificate for your domain, you will receive a Let’s Encrypt certificate. The panel also can help setup the verification stuff and install the SSL certificate for you.

Quite a bit easier than buying one elsewhere I think.

If it is, it’s easy to work around.

The first thing you could do is to open the contents of the .crt file in a text editor. If it only has a single ---- BEGIN CERTIFICATE ---- block, you can just copy everything in the file and upload it.

If there are more than one, you should only copy the FIRST block (starting with the --- BEGIN CERTIFICATE --- line and ending with the --- END CERTIFICATE --- line.


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