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This is what i see.

This might be caused due to DNS caching or you did not install the certificate properly. The following guide may be helpful.

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Please share an actual error message. You did not give any detail, so we cannot help you.

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In the client area, I see the following:

As you can see here, the CNAME records for your domain name are not set up yet.

Please make sure to add the records as shown on the page. For your convenience, the field names in the client area match those in our control panel, so you only need to replicate the data shown in the client area in the control panel.

Here are the detailed instructions:

Please let me know if it is clear now.

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i have updated my CNAME records but still same page is showing…
it is showing in NOT READY state…
pls check this and resolve this issue

actual message is NOT READY state it is showing but i have updates my CNAME RECORDS properly but still it is showing same error

Try hard reloading the page. Also, DNS changes can take time, so allow 24 hours and if it does not work by then, redo the issuance process.

No, you did not create them properly. These are the CNAME records you created:

The record shown is, but if you added it correctly, it should just show

The only way this could happen is if you append the domain name to the record name field. Which you should not do.

It really is as easy as I can make it.

  1. Copy the Record Name from the client area into the Record Name in the control panel.
  2. Select the Domain from the client area into the Domain in the control panel.
  3. Copy the Destination from the client area into the Destination in the control panel.
  4. Click the Add button.

That’s it. Just copy them as-is. Don’t go make up your own values which you think should be created. If you do, you’re overthinking things and are making invalid assumptions. Just follow the instructions.


i have updates the CNAME as told by you…
but still it is showing NOT READY
what is the issue…
can u do this for me ??
pls check this and make it done

Please pay attention to the instructions provided.

It says it can take up to 24 hours for DNS changes to take effect. That includes adding new CNAME records.

They are Ready now.


I am unable to open my CPANEL
pls check this

what error do you see? the cpanel is working for me

this site cant be reach
this type of error is showing
also my website is not opening
pls check

There is an error on your WordPress website. This is what I see:

Fix it first by following this guide:


I checked it. It’s down.

bro there are some hackers that are making misuse of your service…
pls check the attachment…
my website is suspended because of high traffic…but actually i am new blogger…i dont have so many people who visited my website…it is done by a hacker.

this email i got from a hacker who send bots to suspend my website…pls check this and make it resolve that in future no hacker can do this to my account.

How in the world did he get your email ID?

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You can set up Cloudflare on your site so you won’t hit your limits. Also, I have the same question as @jaikrishna.t, how did he/she get your email address?