Specific files getting removed

My website needs to be able to host some files that are accessable for download, but whenever I try to upload these files, specifically in a directory called “maps”, all of the files will successfully upload via FTP, but 90% of them seemingly get automatically removed, seemingly anything above 10mb. Is there a way I can remove this limit? I am not even close to using the free version’s 5gb limit yet some larger files I just can’t seem to upload. I would use the file manager but I have to upload so many files and for some reason, the upload keeps timing out after 2 or 3 files out of 40 on my 200mbps upload/download connection. I can’t upload a .zip and decompress it with everything I need as its more than 10mb and will just be removed.

Is there some sort of upload file size cap I’m not aware of? I would appreciate anybodys help. Thanks.

Upgrade to premium hosting

Yes, read on


Ok, so premium hosting. Got it.

Thank you.

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