Spatial Database Connection

I was testing a spatial database connection using the database that I created in infinityfree. I make sure that put the right database name, host, port user and etc… The result is always unsuccessful. Here’s some question that running into my mind. Hopefully I can get my answers here.

  1. I just want to ask if why the connection always failed, is due to my account is in free state?

  2. If I upgrade my account to premium, do you think it will connect properly?

Please share the code you are using to connect to the database.

Likely due to this??


What do you mean by “Spatial Database Connection” exactly? Please keep in mind that we provide a website hosting service, not a geographical database hosting service.

If you’re trying to connect from some GIS system running elsewhere, then the reason you are unable to connect is because our databases are not accessible remotely, which KangJL already linked to.

Premium hosting does support remote connections, but please do remember that it is still a web hosting service, and the database service we provide is designed as a OLTP data store for websites. You may be fine if your data set is small and your queries light, but you may run into server limits if you need more than that.

In any case, I would strongly recommend to not use a web hosting account, and either use a generic database hosting service or a specialized GIS database service if you only need it for geo data.


Thank you! It’s clear to me now.

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