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Before telling the problem, I had some questions on the forum that do not relate to this problem at all. how to make it so that you have to wait 15 days instead of 7 before the discussion closes. what is it on your unofficial forum, how does it work? now I will start telling my problems. Suppose I transferred my domain there, but I think you yourself understand a simple saying, cloudflare, if I have a domain and how can I integrate them there? The most important question that made me create this topic is, how can I add, for example, a new one under a domain in the future through the hosting control panel? It is clear that I will need to change the records c ns1, ns2, suppose I changed them, but then when I want to change them back after adding a new substitution, what should I do in this case and where can I get them? and whether any records for example cname fly down? I am waiting for your answer if it is not difficult for you. Some of my values, for example, recordings, were small errors because I write through voice input, in principle I will correct it. cname, ns1, ns2. thanks in advance for your reply.

Topic timers are configurable only for moderators. The defaults are set per category, on Hosting Support it’s 7 days and on Informal it’s 15 days.

The structure of this text seems a bit disorganized so I’m having trouble understanding what the actual question is.

If I understand it correctly: you have your domain name setup on an account here but want to (or already have) transfer your DNS to Cloudflare. And now you wonder what you need to do if you want to add a subdomain of your own domain. Do I understand the message correctly?

If so: you don’t need to change the nameservers back to add a subdomain. You can just add it through our control panel without additional verification. However, you will need to add a DNS Record at Cloudflare yourself to point the subdomain to your hosting account. It should point to the same IP address as your base domain.

Ah, that explains the lack of structure of the message.

Just checking: is this an accessibility thing or are you just doing because talking is faster than typing? If it’s the latter, please do consider typing because these voice messages are quite hard to read. But if you’re having particular trouble typing, then please do carry on.


I’m just a blind person and writing on the phone, given that there is no computer at hand, is not very convenient, considering that I use a translator because I live in Belarus.

Ah. The Cloudflare article below may clear some things up.


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