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When I use the wp statistics plugin of wordpress, it prompts PHP IPv6 is not Enabled

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use PHP 7.4

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&Why is infinityfree no longer offering free cloudflare pro?

May have to find a new plug-in.

You can buy yourself a custom domain and add it to your hosting account and then to CloudFlare with a Free or Pro (etc) plan. Follow this guide to get CloudFlare set up:

Just don’t forget to change internal urls for Wordpress if you change the domain!


it is slow to use cloudflare free because i use it now

This may be a php problem so now i need the admin to answer

How could this be a PHP problem? It is your Wordpress, and if you think it’s too slow or whatnot, you can try to tweak it to make it faster. And if you don’t like how fast the php execution is on our servers, then upgrade to premium Wordpress hosting.

I use CloudFlare on my php site now, and I see a 200ms difference in loading on a CloudFlare domain vs a free subdomain.


in china i forget to say

It might just be your location. For me, the average round trip time is 27.25ms.

So you come from China right? Well since this hosting service is not in China, It CANNOT be quick to get accessed. The only exception is to try to get access in the morning(GMT+8, best time 5am to 7am)(I know this since I’m also in China) which will work, but still, weird enough.

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Also latency might be higher since people in Europe and USA have fast response times as servers are in the UK. From India the latency is normal, same as @wackyblackie

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Our servers don’t have IPv6 (yet). So of course we have no reason to compile PHP with IPv6 support, because there is nothing you can do with it here.

Is this an error message? Does it actually block you from using WP Statistics and say this is the reason?

As far as I can tell, WP Statistics supports IPv6, and may recommend it even, but it should work just fine without it.


We can’t “count” Chinese visitors properly because cloudflare runs IPV4-IPV6-Server in China

and it just like that

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