[SOLVED] Let’s Encrypt and ZeroSSL creation problems

Let’s Encrypt and ZeroSSL Issues

Requesting SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt or ZeroSSL may result in an error message. An example is below.

When will this issue be resolved?

We are doing our best to get these issues resolved as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough details to tell how soon that will be. Please note that certificates that have already been issued will still work properly.

What can you do to fix this

At this time, there are no known workarounds to get a certificate. GoGetSSL (Our other SSL provider) is still properly functioning.


  • December 18 - Issue reported
  • December 20 - Issue Confirmed
  • December 22 - Change Applied
  • December 22 - Change Confirmed
  • December 22 - Issue Solved

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Is the Self-Signed issuer affected? I assume not, because it does not need to connect to any external provider. Just asking for the community!


It does not seem to be, no.


While there are problems with Let’s Encrypt and ZeroSSL causing issues right now, they are largely separate issues.

  • ZeroSSL’s API has some reliability/performance issues and has always been this way. Certificates fail to issue randomly. I’m working on a way to mitigate these issues and I was hoping to finish that today.
  • Let’s Encrypt has currently rate limited the account we use to request certificates. This means we cannot request new Let’s Encrypt certificates right now, and won’t until either we start using a different account or until the rate limiting has passed (which can take a week). The changes I’m hoping to finish today will hopefully help in preventing this from happening again, but ideally we just need to load balance across different accounts, which I also intend to do (but probably don’t have time for today).

In this last case, you won’t see an “unknown error”. Yesterday I quickly added a check that detect this issue and displays an appropriate error message.


ZeroSSL is probably cringe. I set the cname, right? Client area detects it, then I verify. But after refresh, client area thinks that I not setup the cname yet.

Then unknown error.

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It turns out that there was also some configuration in the nameservers that broke Let’s Encrypt and ZeroSSL. That has just been fixed.

But in this case, Let’s Encrypt rate limits are the most important issue. ZeroSSL seems fine now.


I don’t know if it’s me verifying cname record thousand times or something. But GoGetSSL doesn’t work too.

I’m waiting this for a long time now.

And I insert the cname exactly as they said.

I just checked your certificate, but it seems to have been issued now.

Please note that DNS changes can take a few hours to take effect. That’s how DNS works, and is not related to this issue.


I just deployed my change to the Let’s Encrypt/ZeroSSL setup process. Hopefully, this should make SSL issuance for these providers more reliable (or at least easier to debug if something goes wrong).