[Solved] IPs and are down. FTP and file manager access unavailable

IPs, and are down.
FTP and file manager access are unavailable as well

If you are unable to access your website, please check the client area to see if your hosting account
is hosted on the affected IPs.

In the mean time, patience is needed. Please refrain from further posting unless it is a different IP or it is a different issue.


  1. and are affected as well
  2.,, and are down as well
  3. and added in

My IP is not mentioned above but still I cant access my FTP and cant trough my File Manager


I cannot use the Online File manager or FTP to access my sites files.
IP address is


FTP access appears unavailable as well


Same here,
FTP server is not accessible for last 3 hours both from cpanel and filezilla

my ip is, and my ip is not mentioned above but still I cant access my FTP and cant trough my File Manager

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My WEBSITE IP was and affected too

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Sorry guys I am new to InfinityFree, does this happen a lot and when it happens only thing that we can do is wait?

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As an experienced customer, I must say that such outages are indeed rare.


Same issue here. My website IP is Not mentioned yet

Is this impacted the SSL pending requests too?
Any timelines when this will be up again?

No system is 100% uptime, bear with it guys, inifinityfree is doing appreciable job.

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IP, same here

is the team on it ? or we have to wait a days?

Looks like its down for everyone down as well, same here, ftp was down

Take note


From what I can see here, the current situation is that only the IP addresses and are down. Websites hosted on those IPs will see some kind of Connection Timed Out error.

Other website IPs are up, and as far as our own monitoring can see, they were not down at all, but our monitoring doesn’t detect all issues.

The FTP server, file manager and control panel were also briefly down. That seems to have been resolved for now.

Based on this behavior, my guess is that that these two website IPs are the target of a DDoS attack, which caused some part of the platform to be overloaded before the attack could be mitigated. The affected website IPs will have to remain offline until the attack is subsided. Unfortunately, we have no way to know when that could be.

If you say you on another website IP and are also experiencing issues, feel free to reply to this topic so we can check if it’s actually the case. But ALWAYS INCLUDE YOUR WEBSITE URL, NOT JUST THE IP ADDRESS. If your website is down, we want to check your website. Posts in violation will be flagged and deleted without warning.