[Solved] IPs and are down. FTP and file manager access unavailable

My IP address is URL kykkos-a.rf.gd and I have the same issue. And also is there any way to get back up files

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Please carefully check the “Website IP” of your account. You can find it in the Account Details in the client area.

The IP address is the FTP server, it doesn’t host any website, so nobody can have it as their website IP.

If you check the website IP, you will see that your site is hosted on the IP Which is one of the two IP addresses that are currently down.


Sorry I typed the wrong numbered here is my IP

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when will be ok back?? 1day 2days 3 days??

Yes, I know, I already wrote that. And I also wrote that this IP address is down. before you posted.

So to you, and to everyone else who is considering to reply to this topic, please consider before posting what your message adds to the discussion. Dozens of messages about people on the affected IP address being down isn’t helpful. We know it’s down, we know your site is down, and posting here is not going to help speed things up.

OK, so it seems it’s not just the websites that are down. When trying to connect over FTP, you will also see this error:

421 Home directory not available - aborting

This usually indicates a problem with the hosting volume. You can find more details about what’s affected here:

But to answer your question in short: no, your files are currently unreachable, so there is no way to get a backup.

Please carefully read the announcement:

It’s a DDoS attack. We have no control about when it’s over. It could be an hour, a day or a week. The attack stops when the attacker stops attacking.


Your site currently works fine for me.

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Yes it just got activated

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for me ftp on is now back up and working :smiley:


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