Softaculous Apps Installer - endless loading

It doesn’t work for me either.
Filesila - it works, so what?
I need to install Wordpress.
Softaculous Apps Installer - endless loading, and nothing opens. Or writes “ing went wrong, please allow 20 minutes then retry”

Use this then if you cannot wait

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5 hour - ftp mz*!

Do you have a new account? Is there a banner telling you to wait? In that case, note that accounts are not imedetly setup. It takes time, so please be patient and maybe check back tomorrow.

If you’re on the IP address listed in the outage, that would also explain why Softaculous doesn’t work:

Of course, we can’t check that, since you did not include a website URL. Please provide the details requested in the topic template next time please so we can help you more effectively.


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