Softaculous App Installer - Something Went Wrong


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Something went wrong, please allow 20 minutes then retry

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This happens when I click on Softaculous App Installer. Please Help!

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Try using a different browser. Is it ok now?

i tried both opera gx and chrome

ill try safari

i tried safari but it’s still the same @KangJL

There is some Softaculous issue at the moment. I guess you have to try later

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Did you retry after 20 minutes? Did it work then?

I see you created your account only a few hours ago. So you should know that while you can login to the control panel before your account is fully set up, not all features will work. If your account is not yet “Active” in the client area, Softaculous will return this error.

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ok thanks

wait just wondering how do i finish setting up my account and also it didnt work after 20 minutes and its still not working

Just wait 1 day, maybe it will work tomorrow.

Same for me. unable to use Softaculous Apps Installer

@Admin It’s working now thanks for the help!

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