Softaculous - Microsoft browser alert

Impossible for me too to use the softaculous tools.
(Here my Microsoft browser alert screenshot)
I stop here (and not force try to go on unsecure website)
I wait and see for news.


Is it really impossible? The “Continue anyway” button implies that you can just skip this.

And I think the link above that provides an option to report the false positive. Please do that as well.

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Thanks for your answers. I have try to force with “Continue anyway” but the problem is persist… and i can’t execute the softaculous script :frowning_face:

Under Edge :

Under Chrome :

Please try an alternate browser or a VPN.


I found it. It was my internet box config. I set his firewall protection from “high” to “medium”, and then, i can access to the wordpress installion. :slightly_smiling_face:
But do all these http operations it’s borderline anyway (and probably related)… :thinking:

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The thing with our Softaculous setup is that it’s not exposed on the standard HTTP/HTTPS port, but on a special port 2082. Some restrictive firewalls block all unknown ports and will also block access to Softaculous.

This is not just a problem for Softaculous though. Premium cPanel makes use of various custom ports for cPanel, WHM and Webmail as well. So having such a restrictive firewall causes problems on many web hosting services.


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