So confusing

i dont get so much it scares me bc i feel like imma mess sum up

It’s web hosting, it’s quite versatile, which means it can also be overwhelming.

But please give it a try! And if you get stuck anywhere, we’re all here to help you.

And if you have any feedback on how to make things more clear, I’d be happy to hear them as well.


thank you im trying to make a online chat but idk how and idk wht im doing im so unfamiliar wit all dis


Note that you cannot host an online chat application here as they use too many resources, and are in violation of our terms.

However, online tools like are safe to use here!


ty i check it out!!!

i dont know how to set anything up at all im completely new to all this

How about just creating a discord server, the putting an invite link on your website?

Live chat sites are pretty hard to create, and are rarely free since they require so much server power.

May I ask why you created a website when you have no knowledge of coding? Wouldn’t it be much easier to learn and then try it out with a website?

ik how to code i just dk excactly wht to do with it where to put it how to deploy it and all that

What languages have you learned?

js,html,css, and am taking php courses currently

Have you read:


ye i read all that and understand but i cant figure out how to get the codes to actualy be uploaded and deploy the site

You upload and create files in the “htdocs” folder in the file manager. For example: if you want to create an HTML file all you have to do is create a file with the extension “.html” or “.htm”.




ok ty if you want to be updted on how im doing and whatnot just let me know

Sure! You can update me by clicking on my profile and clicking the button “Message”.

i cant use firezilla i dont think im a asus chromebook


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when i click profile there isnt a message button?