How to build a new website

Did you just get a new InfinityFree account and want to know what to do first? This article should help you get on your way!

Decide how to build your website

With InfinityFree, you get many different options on how to build your website. For example, you could:

  • Use a drag and drop website builder.
  • Use a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress.
  • Code your own website with HTML or PHP.

Build a website with a drag and drop website builder

An easy way to build a website is by using a drag and drop website builder. These website builders are software you install on your own computer to build and design your website. After you’ve designed your website, the website builders can often upload the website to your hosting account.

A few popular website builders include:

We also offer a free, trial version of You can create your site from there through our client area

Using a Content Management System (CMS)

An easy way to get a powerful website is to use existing website management software.

WordPress is a very popular way to create a website. WordPress is easy to use, and has a huge number of plugins and themes to customize it to your needs.

WordPress, and many other software, can easily be installed through Softaculous. You can access Softaculous through the control panel, where you can choose one of hundreds of systems and easily install it to your website.

Coding your own website with HTML or PHP

Your web hosting account is a blank canvas, you can choose to create a website in whatever way you want.

There are many tutorials online to learn HTML and PHP. There are free and paid courses using text and video to teach you about it. Just search the web and you’ll find many different tutorials and courses which work for your skill level and preferred way of learning.

After you’ve written your first code, you can upload it to your hosting account over FTP. See this article for more information.


This website has a great HTML Tutorial for beginners:

In fact, you can learn everything about building web sites there (front-end and back-end).

W3 Schools is not the best starting place. Although they have improved a lot, the site used to be riddled with errors, so many in fact that a website was create just to make fun of them and the fact that they had an error on almost every page.

There are much better resources out there, that both introduce and explain concepts a lot better then W3Schools does.


I learned a lot on that web site. MDN too. Just trying to help.


They’re pretty useful when you need to look something up, haven’t tried using as a tutorial though. In any case, this statement still applies, and I believe that if one cannot follow it, they shouldn’t attempt to make their own website yet: