SmartScreen block my page with /?i=1 suffix

Hello, im new here, and i been following the tutorials to set up a page, and so far everything works fine.
I already have my page working on the host, with a custom domain, ssl certificate and redirecting to https with htaccess method.

But the problem is SmartScreen is blocking the page when it adds the /?i=1 suffix

any advice or workaround for this?

The query should not be the reason for a block, but you can use Cloudflare (If you have a custom domain) to get around it.


You should definitely report this to Microsoft as being a false positive. Because the ?i=1 being harmful is complete nonsense.

Using Cloudflare avoids this suffix. But it would help a lot if you could submit a report to Microsoft about this as well, because it will likely help others too.


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