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Hello, I need help from the admin, I need to know what problem I have on my site that is very slow, sometimes I cannot load the page. I have only 3 plugins, two images. Please reply, Thanks in advance!!!

url ?


It’s slow because…

  1. You are using resource intensive plugins like Elementor
  2. You are loading a lot of CSS and JS files (Probably caused by #1)
  3. You are loading a pretty big image
  4. WP-Cron

Only the last one can really be “solved”, with this:


Thank you very much , I’ll keep track of everything. Another question, if you wanted to pay to improve the hosting on the server, would you have these same problems or in any case is it a question of the optimization of the site?

How can I optimize the web? any plugins?

You can upgrade to premium to get a faster site, yes. But with WordPress, you get to a point where you need to be spending hundreds of dollars on dedicated servers to keep it running fast, especially if you don’t have a cron job or many visitors.

Many people don’t realize exactly how big WordPress is, and especially when you add large plugins like Elementor, it starts to get really out of hand.

Removing all unnecessary plugins and themes, and especially for sites like yours with little visitor counts, setup a cron job to run every hour. Also, disable automatic updates, and any other configurable things that run in the background.


Thank you so much!!


Hey there! Just thought I’d point this out. In your email subscription form, you spelled Subscribe as Suscribe.

As you plan to use to host a global radio show, professionalism is important and should come standard. I do not want this reply to be taken as a threat.


Why would anyone perceive this as a threat?

Anyway, you might want to take up things in DMs with users that have theirs open for something unrelated to the topic (or use their contact form/email).

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There is no problem of any kind, I am open to criticism and constructive comments from anyone, and if you are right in what you say, I am still working on the web. Thank you!!!


That’s awesome to hear! I’ve put the original post back up.


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