Site verification on google adsense

I am currently working on my website India times ( and i want to integrate google adsense ads on my website but i am not able to verify my website as it has stopped accepting subdomain and giving an message that your host domain can only add your website to adsense. Is there any way to add our website to infinity free?

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Google AdSense does not take in subdomains, only custom domains. There is no workaround as you would have to verify that you own (which you don’t). You can find another ad company that will accept subdomains.


can you give us some alternatives if you know, or you are using, thank you in advance

I don’t know any alternatives. I have never used an ad service, sorry.


There are not really any good alternatives to AdSense unless you want to go down the illegal and NSFW ad route (Which is probably not allowed under the IF ToS anyways). Best option is to buy a custom domain (Only about $12 a year) and use AdSense with that.


Ok, thank you for the answer sir.

Or get a domain, which should work. (Downside is how long it takes to get it approved)


I’m still waiting mine since 3 weeks now lol

I’ve been waiting almost a year, so don’t get your hopes up


There are plenty of alternatives to AdSense, but with standards like ads.txt it will be very hard to find legitimate advertisers that can work on a subdomain.


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