Site Suspended, Then Reinstated... BUT!

So, this is the site that I use for my online web classes. I specifically linked the directory for my Web Animation course project.

I can no longer access the ticket, but my entire site was suspended due to “proxy scripts.”

After asking for clarification on what part of the site was using the scripts (since I don’t even really know what proxy scripts are, this is for a Web Animation class), my site was reinstated, but with my two HTML files in this folder gone. (Which is okay for now, since I have everything offline.)

They were deleted because they contained the phrase “PROXYFLANS.”

Like when the first ticket responded to me with “you used proxy scripts” I thought, “oh, maybe it has to do with my navigation being in JavaScript files, they wouldn’t suspend me just for the word ‘proxy’ right?” And then when I asked for what part used the proxy scripts, they said “your two HTML files used the keyword ‘PROXYFLANS’ so we removed the files and reinstated your account.” What???

Here’s the thing.

“PROXYFLANS” (formatted in all caps, no space) is my game/novel series. I chose to do my final project with that as the theme, as I’ve been meaning to create a site for it but didn’t have the motivation.

So the instances of “PROXYFLANS” in the HTML files were in the tags (to appear in the browser’s tab) and the footer (copyright section).

I’m too far into the course project to change my theme. (It’s due next week.) I’m also definitely not changing my branding. (The game/novel itself is “The Magical Girl in PROXY.”)

My intent was to start (and possibly finish) the site for my class, then get a domain and host it here on Infinity Free for my game’s actual site. But if the site’s just going to get suspended for a word, how can I?

Is this just a fluke? Or does the system automatically remove anything with the word “proxy” in it and suspend the site it’s on?

So I was able to find the support ticket in my history.

I have no idea why my account was suspended just now.
I use it for my online classes at DeVry, so I would never do anything that would warrant suspension on purpose.

Hi there,
Proxy scripts are not allowed here

I’m not sure what part of my website is utilizing a “proxy script.” Could you specify so I can fix it?

Hi there,
these file had PROXYFLANS keyword, I have removed them and activated your account

Thank you for activating my account.
In this case, “PROXYFLANS” is not a script. Your system just detected the word “PROXYFLANS” in my HTML’s title and footer’s copyright for both pages.
“PROXYFLANS” is the name of my game/novel series, my current game/novel being “The Magical Girl in PROXY.” Like I said, I use this site for my classes, and these pages are my final project for my Web Animation class.

Hi there,
I’m sorry but due to this we can not host this. Please consider upgrading to a premium plan to avoid this issue.

(end of ticket)

I didn’t see that last response from support before making the initial post, since I couldn’t find the link to the ticket.

I’m not going to do a premium plan for this account, but in the future I do want to have a premium account for my game’s site. I just don’t really get why a premium plan would “avoid this issue”?

I guess I’ll close this forum and mark it as solved, and just continue with the ticket.

Short answer: yes. This is clearly a false positive and should not result in your site getting suspended.

Unfortunately, due to the way to file scanning works, it’s really hard to actually make this work and ensure your website wouldn’t get suspended again.

The reason you wouldn’t have this issue on premium hosting is because we don’t have this kind of abuse scanning on premium hosting.


Ah, thank you. Marking this answer as the solution (I tried replying to the ticket just now, but it didn’t work).

So in that case I guess I’ll upload a censored version of the files for my class, and then when I eventually go premium, I’ll upload the actual version.

Thanks again!


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