Filenames/keywords causing issues?

My accounts were recently suspended twice within an hour, due to “not allowed” files :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. These files have been deleted and the accounts have been reactived after opening support tickets. The files were:

  • index.html34937546617241
    I suspect that this was automatically generated by my FTP client as a temp file, during the editing of the index.html file but something went wrong and it wasn’t deleted. What’s the issue with this file?

  • cors-proxy.html
    Not a script, just a HTML file with info about CORS & CORS Proxy.
    I found a similar topic in this forum. From what I understand, the word “proxy” was causing the issue. I see that the admin stated that it’s hard to prevent this on free hosting.

So since it can’t be fixed, is there any list of keywords or filenames/extensions that aren’t allowed, or any known keywords causing trouble during file scanning?


Good question. I know words like “chat” “proxy” and probably words relating to adult content and crypto. However, as the list changes quite often, there really is no way to give you a definite guide.


We don’t provide a list of keywords that are scanned. If we provided that, it would make it really easy for hackers who want to upload abusive content to make some changes so their bad content bypasses the filters, and nobody wants that to happen.

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