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Your InfinityFree account epiz_28248339 (Website for has been temporarily suspended.
Your account exceeded the daily limits of your service.

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I have no views on my page, but I’m getting suspended alot. This makes no sense
Just in March > day 3, 7 & 9
Can this be because I’m using google analytics?
I read that on a topic that google analytics doesn´t register all views… so where are these views coming from? how can I stop this?

You are using Wordpress, so this is almost a given. You can start by uninstalling unnecessary plugins and unused themes. Make sure there is not some cron job that runs the site every 2 minutes.

However, I would like to point out that your website is up and fine right now.


How can I check this?

Make sure you do not have any external websites, check in the Cron jobs section in cPanel, make sure Google isn’t indexing it too often either.
Let me know if you need any help! Thanks.

No cron jobs on cPanel
Went to Account Statistics and It’s the I/O grafic that has over usage…

I’m also looking into google, I think this migth be the problem… to many detailed reports :frowning:
Can I reduce Google’s indexes ?

This means you need to look at your WordPress plugins. Do you mind sharing all of the ones you have installed?

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I only have these:

Elementor is causing your problem. It is not suitable for free hosting, please upgrade to premium if it is a plugin you strictly require.

Backup Migration may also cause high I/O loads. Backups are best taken manually via FTP and phpMyAdmin.

I’m not too sure what the last two are, but they look as if they could also cause high I/O usage.


Here’s my review of your plugins :slight_smile:

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I deactivated the Backup Migration

Elementor :woman_facepalming: It makes my life easier… but shouldn’it only cause high I/O loads when I’m working on the site?

The last two are the theme I’m using.

I’ve followed your suggestions and still site is being suspended constantly!

Only this month it has been suspended on the 3,7,9,11,13,15 of March
I have now removed site from google analytic’s
Can someone help please :pray: :slightly_frowning_face:

Do you have Cloudflare setup?

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no… :thinking:
do I have to?

No, but it will help with caching, and worth a shot to limit the amount of suspensions, plus it will allow you to see what traffic you are getting.


ok, i can try the free one and see if it changes anything

I have similar issue; I did removed unnecessary plugin from Wordpress; still my website is keep getting suspended ;
not sure what is hitting CPU.

I removed google analytic and all none essential plugins (deactivating is not enouth)… until now it seems a bit mor stable… Still it is a pitty that there is no one that can help truly with this matter… everything points to geting payed packages of this and that…
I trying a new business and is is so small that I cannot affored paying theses cost.

lets see if, for now, this has solved the issue… :crossed_fingers:

There are some plugins for analytics combined with more functions, ex:

  • Rank Math SEO, it helps in SEO + Allows adding not-slow-loading GA. You should try to discover such plugins and leverage them :slight_smile:
  • And, since you have a custom domain, adding it to Cloudflare, will help reduce in some way.
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Unfortunately, we aren’t able to collect, process, store and display more granular information about what’s actually happening on your account, because it would simply be too costly to handle all that data.

I wish I could help you more with this. But I don’t have any additional information either, so all I can do is guess.

Premium hosting does provide a lot better insight into your usage, as well as having much higher limits in the first place. I know it’s not the answer you’re looking for, but it simply is the best way to resolve the suspension issues.


In fact, I see that every thing points that solution is to upgrade to premium hosting… I’ll need to think about that, but most probably I’ll change to another provider to see what happens. Sorry for that, but I came to Infinity because my “business” is tiny and I can’t afford these packages, for now at least.

Meanwhile I removed google analytics (as said above) and it got better… however yesterday I was down again. :frowning: