Site issue

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Website is showing the page isn’t working the website is

Error Message

It showing error the page isn’t working

This is what I see…

This should help


Sire can I get help of getting it fix

Fix your code. Since you coded it, no one here can help without looking at your code :open_mouth:

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I had fixed it but unable to upload zip

Extract and upload the files using FileZilla.

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Sir but not ble to upload and unzip

Unzip then upload instead using filezilla


sire my site is showing the message can i get to know what is this site

What is the issue, I dont see any.

sir sometime the site says all php limit reached upgrade

and it taking time to load the site

That’s because of the complexity of your PHP code. Adlinkify is a heavy script. That error is going to be very common to you if you use.

any solution as in am not having money this time

Use another script.

Please note that URL shortener scripts are kinda frowned upon on our hosting. They’re not banned for uploading, but link shorteners are frequently abused by spammers to hide their malicious links. And if that happens to your site, we’re holding you responsible for sharing malicious links.

We also do not allow pirated software on our hosting. And given that you said:

I find it hard to believe that you paid the $60 to buy this software.

So please remove this software immediately, or we’ll do it for you.


@Haunted1507H, could have got a premium package for that. Probably nulled?

I don’t want to accuse anyone of anything at this point. But if there is software that costs $60, but you can’t afford $60, then the only way you can use it is with nulled/pirated software. Which is illegal, dangerous and strictly forbidden on our hosting.


Sir when I was using my site i was not able to send SMTP mails has been disabled on your domain

What do you mean? Please write clearly.

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