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Deceptive site ahead

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I’ve already put the site for review in Google Search Console, is there anything else I should do? Also I think the reason why Google thinks my site is deceptive is that I made it so that if you are not logged in it sends you to the log in page.

that would not be the reason. Plentily of sites (Including some of mine) do that. Google must think that it is trying to trick users into thinking it is a different website. I’ve reported it as a false positive, as that is what it is.


:man_facepalming: I was not thinking straight above. Google does have a tendency to flag indexed login pages on some domains. Apologies!


I have actually detected it as a pattern too:

You can report it as a false positive on Google’s Report Incorrect Phishing Warning, but since @Greenreader9 already did this it won’t be necessary.


I forgot to make the htaccess and Google was still trying to access pages that I deleted so maybe getting redirected to infinityfrees 404 page tripped it off.

I forgot to mention that I reported it as a false positive on Google’s Report Incorrect Phishing Warning too.


Alright then, there is nothing else that can be done but wait. Hopefully they’ll review and correct the listing soon :slight_smile:


My website just got reviewed and it says no issues detected! They reviewed it faster than I thought they would, this makes sense if your website is popular as it can really hurt it


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