Setting A records at the domain registrar direct to

Did you assign the domain name to your hosting account? If so, you’ll need to do so first.

We host many thousands of accounts on every single IP address, so you need to tell our system which account and directory you want the domain to be linked to so our servers know which website should be shown on the domain.

You can add the domain to your account through the Domains menu in the client area, or through the Addon Domains and Parked Domains options in the control panel.

You will need to setup some additional DNS records to make that work. Either you can point the domain to our nameservers, or verify the domain with a CNAME record.

If you want to use your domain registrar’s nameservers, that’s no problem. But know that you’ll be able to use your own SSL certificate on our hosting regardless of which nameservers you use.

And also that we provide completely free SSL certificates.