Server Name Reset

Username epiz_3094046

wrong server names

I changed server names to use emails and now I can’t login to my site or the control panel etc.

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Correct. You must have epizy nameservers in order to host your website here. You can setup A records though if you wish.

Here is a guide specific to Cloudflare, but the A records section pertains to any DNS manager.


I’m not interested in cloudflare I just want to reset the server names on my infinity acct?

You can just undo what you did in the first place, can you not?

I would if I could find how to get back to it

You need to change the nameservers back to and from your domain registrar.


Just change the nameservers to those of infinityfree. Then point mx records to your email provider.


I know that, but how, When I look in Control panel it show’s the correct names but when I use the domain checker it says something different and tell me I need to change them but not how to do it?

Please visit your domain registrar (, open “Nameserver Settings” and remove the default nameservers, replacing them with the two I mentioned above.


OK got it now, thanks

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