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Hi guys, I’m new to infinityfree.
I’ve been trying to update my webpages using Elementor. But after working on a few things (buttons, texts, images), I click on “Update”, and the response I get is ‘Server Error’.

I left the page for hours and came back to it, clicked the update button again. Still the same error message.

Please can anyone advice what I can do to save my hard work?

Thanks in anticipation.

Please read this thread


Elementor is a very heavy plugin, and it’s system requirements exceed what you get with free hosting. So while some people are able to use Elementor to some degree, many people experience problems with it simply because Elementor is too big and bloated.

If you can figure out a way around this, then you’re free to keep using it of course. But I recommend to switch to a website builder that’s more lightweight.


Thanks for your response.
I’m using free Astra theme, and Elementor was installed automatically with Astra. Can you recommend any plugin whose system requirements fit within infinityfree and can also work with Astra theme?

A theme that was built for a particular web builder typically doesn’t work with other website builders. I know Divi is a common alternative to Elementor, which is a least a little bit more lightweight.

I also know of one user on this forum who converted their website from Elementor to use the built-in Gutenberg editor with Kadence Blocks for additional functionality. But that required manual modifications to the theme code to work I think, so you could also consider to replace Astra with a theme that doesn’t require Elementor in the first place.


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