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I am experiencing an issue with my website where the RAM limit is being exceeded due to the WP Migration Plugin. This leads to temporary bans from the Infinity Free hosting service for a period of 24 hours.Other InformationI understand the importance of resource limitations, but the recurring bans are negatively impacting the accessibility and performance of my website. I kindly request your expertise in helping me resolve this matter. Any recommendations or adjustments to server configuration would be greatly appreciated.I value the services provided by Infinity Free and believe that with your assistance, we can rectify this issue and ensure the continued smooth operation of you for your prompt attention to this matter.

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Don’t use backup / migration plugins here. 90% of them don’t even work on free hosting in the first place, and the ones that do use so much server power it results in your website getting suspended.

Please backup (and import) files to your site using an FTP client like FileZilla, and use PHPMyAdmin built-in export and import functions to backup (and import) your database.


Read this thread for more info


Ok You Are right Sir But now how ican stop the plugin I dont have acess to Website Any Solution?

You’ll have to wait for your account to be reactivated before you can do anything. There is no way around that I’m afraid.

If you’re running into the problem of your account getting suspended too fast to do anything about it, you may need to cut off all traffic to your website to prevent the scripts from being triggered.

Seeing how you’re using Cloudflare, you could use Cloudflare Firewall Rules to block all traffic to your website, except for your own IP address for example:


It appears that the problem is not due to traffic, but rather a plugin called "wp migration."To provide some context, we discovered that this plugin was installed by a hacker after our website was compromised. We have taken steps to recover the website and have also reset the password. However, we are unsure of the hacker’s intentions. It seems they may want to transfer the entire website or possibly create a backup.I kindly request the Infinity Free team to assist in removing this plugin from my website. Your prompt attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to the Infinity Free team for your assistance.

I really doubt that you were hacked with that plugin, especially because you called it the problem in the first post. And a hacker probably would not waste their time with that when they could just pull the files they wanted via FTP or the data they wanted from the database directly, it would be so much faster.

Anyways, if you think you were actually hacked, change your InfinityFree account password, change your hosting account password (select the account - edit account), update that new account password in your WP config file, then go into the plugin directory and delete the folder for the migration plugin.


Sir can infinity team can remove plugin from my website because when my account activate plugin work again and then again my account goes to suspended sp how ican exit this loop. Plz :pray:

No, this is free hosting, so support like that just does not really exist. When your account is reactivated, just login to an FTP client like FileZilla and delete the folder manually.


Hacker can not steal data from ftp because randomly generated password is very strong so hacker absolutely not waste time to crack password of ftp. Hacker directly login in wordpress because our password is easy or our team member got attacked by phishing attack.

So air plz help me to remove that plugin

But i appreciate the security of infinity free, even its free :heart:

Ok, I suppose I did not look at it from that angle.

Already told you how:


Soory for disturbing But Sir main problem my account going suspend again and again after 24 hoirs my account again suspended its Not Give A chance to Login into Ftp

Change your namservers away from InfinityFree so the domain name stops resolving, then wait for the suspension to end. When it does, login to FTP, remove the plugin - confirm the files are right, then point the namservers back.


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