Security problem with Google Search Console

I recently moved a directory from my old main site to the new one. Both websites (new and old) are registered in Google Search Console ( In order for your website to appear in Google, I need all the security settings to be ok:


On my old website (, all the security settings are good, but just when I move the whole directory (/strap) to the new website (, Google Search Console detects that there are links with malware on my website:

  • In the URLs section it does not tell me the website that contains alleged “malware” (N/D).

Ok, I decide to use websites like VirusTotal and Quttera to scan my website for viruses, but it doesn’t detect any:

The only problem I know there is: the SSL certificate (GoGetSSL) is not suitable for all types of browsers, in Firefox it detects security problems.

Any advice? I am very careful about uploading files to hosting and have hardly had any problems with my old site. If someone can give me a hand to correct these problems :slight_smile:

Kinda same as my topic:

I think it shouldn’t happened. I use GoGetSSL in my MOFH website, and Firefox doesn’t complain anything

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So I have to create a “freenom” domain for this error to go away? As I understand it is because of the subdomain, no? :frowning:

No, you can ignore the error. For firefox yelling about security problem, you can add your website in exception list
I checked, and both your old and new URL is working without problems

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Well, one last question, Freenoom only gives you up to 12 months with a free domain. When it expires, what do I have to do? Generate a new one? I know it doesn’t have much to do with this topic but can you more or less summarize how Freenoom works?

One month/14 days before your domain expires, you just have to renew


Renew you mean generate another new domain or continue using the one I have?

Continue using your existing domain. :smiley:

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Aaah okey, thank you very much for helping me! :smiley:


You’re welcome :blush:

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