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Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message

Google has detected harmful content on some of your site’s pages. We recommend that you remove it as soon as possible.

Other Information

Hi. I just put my website in Search Console, and using Google Analytics code as domain verification. But in Search Console, I have 1 security issue, which is the above error message. I didn’t put any harmful link, even the sample URL is just N/A.

Should I just ignore the error? Thanks

google is blocking some of our subdomains, try getting a free domain from https://freenom.com, or use another subdomain such as rf.gd


freenom stopped giving free domains a long ago :confused:

yes they dont even let you register because of a “technical issue”

i tried it but never worked

Simply ignore it? If your website is based on a subdomain, then it’s normal because it’s possible that there was a harmful website hosted with us on web42.io, we banned them but google has still marked that domain as ‘harmful’


Freenom still offers free domains, they are just limiting devices and IPs.
Try using a VPN and Google Chrome device emulation so Freenom thinks you’re using a mobile device and a different network.
You should also make a new account using the VPN and emulated device so they don’t disable domain registration on your account.

May I say that, we don’t condone bypassing limitations set in place.

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They still give free domains, I use them all the time
@BuildBlox If they are limiting IP’s just ask your IP to assign you a new IP. If you use a VPN, they may detect it as abuse (as some people use VPN’s with bots to do DDoS or order thousands of domains) and cancel your account. If your IP has been blacklisted, instead of using a VPN, try to think why it has been blacklisted. Has malicious activity been going on in your router. Has the domain been reported for abuse for example streaming illegal movies

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