Screenshot Your Homepage Again

I decided to include the link to the site on top of the page so that I could better commit it to memory, and so visitors could too, with each visit, since it is not trivial to remember by itself.

This is a screenshot of the development version, but here is a screenshot of discordextras!



Quite difficult to make out fully at that scale, though I would recommend a larger font face and better contrasts in the text field for better accessibility. Icon sizes also, to be more proportionate relative to the scale of the images and other components.

Looks much better on, this is a fullpage shot for easy viewing.


Yes, it does look better at larger scale.

Hi, welcome to the forum and sorry for not saying that before, @Name2024! Here’s a latest screenshot of my website:

I made it on my MacBook, so the tested resolution was almost 1440x900, but the design also works for 1080p and is mobile-ready as well!


Looks tidy. Thanks for the welcome. Made by hand or with any kind of tooling? I used to use Dreamweaver way back when, but these days just edit the code in Notepad mostly.

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No problem!

I made it by hand, with all the knowledge of client-side markup and programming languages I’ve mastered in those years (the only JS I used is for the hamburger menu on mobile and the date on the footer). Anyway…

Thank you!


I see, I see. Also like the owl icon. They are friends. Is the site about owls or owl related subjects? A wolf will howl, but an owl will ask, Who? Both live in the night though, so maybe that is the reason for the dark theme, of the site, that is. Hmm, I was wrong. A wolf is most active at dawn and dusk, not at night. I assumed it was night I guess, because of the image of the wolf and the moon.

Seems to be fewer plugins on the site than on the screenshot though. Do I need special access? I am in Phi Beta Kappa. Not officially, but it should check out. :sweat_smile:

I do not have a website so have the homepage in my local device instead:

Proudly made on mobile. :sunglasses:


Thank you! But my website is not about owls. It’s my personal website where I talk about myself (I also need to fix the blog’s link), but still yeah, both the wolf and the owl like the dark; that’s the reason of me putting only the dark theme at first.

Nice website!


I like the color scheme and gradient effect, and operating system styling. Kind of surprised anything can be made on mobile, but probably for someone with better focus and more patience. I imagine for a feline mobile programming is easier than a personal computer. We’ve all seen Keyboard Cat though, so who knows. Though that was a piano, so. So maybe just CSS in those cases.


Quite the opposite, but I’m broke :joy:

And yes, it is quite a pain to code on mobile. Small screen, touch keyboard, app crashing due to low memory etc etc. Less room for proper Javascript debugging as well.


Gotcha. Yeah, I would probably want my site to have a dark as well as a light mode. Though maybe with not standard colors for the text. Will see.

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Ah, too bad, but well done for building it under those constraints. Sometimes that actually builds skills more.


This is something that I have made in a hurry previously for job hunting.

I always wanted to update the design and content but then I am now focusing on something else.

P.S. Yes, I’m aware about the Laravel Debugbar below, it’s programmed to show only to me so no worries, it’s not a security issue there.


The style of those “progress” bars is a chef kiss though :eyes:


I got those from a YouTube video tutorial and changed the values to match my content. Then I added the animation on scroll using AOS.

However I sometimes get questions like “ok so where is the remaining 8% for the MVC as well as…” which actually I simply placed the numbers for asenthetics, it doesn’t really mean accrately the 8% is missing or anything.

While those who talked with me will get this, those who do not invite me for interview won’t. So I’m thinking to change that part entirely when I have a substitute idea.