epiz_28673803 or rmmultipurpose.com.np

I use a astra theme to build a website. It work perfectly yesterday. But when i lookup today it doesn’t show my content. It’s showing something like syntax which i attached the screenshot.
could you please help me with that.

You need to restore from your backup


I have already tried it. It will be okay for a day and again it will got error another day.

Something is corrupting some of the accounts. You have to wait for Admin then

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Maybe try installing the astra theme again? It might be from the latest server error or something…

But i can’t log in to admin. The wordpress admin pages doesn’t show.

What happens when you go to your Login | HSTS Redirection Community

  • If you can’t access wp-admin/see bunch of code while accessing: Your Wordpress installation most likely got corrupted. There is some issues ongoing with the infinity free servers and that may most likely be the problem. See the pinned post in the home page of the forum.

  • If the login form appears: Your wordpress looks ok… tell me if this is the case.

Tell me which one is the case and I’ll provide more help on what to do… Looking at your screenshot, the problem is most likely the 1st one, keep me updated though. :grin:

Nevermind on my last post… I just remembered you posted your site :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

When I try to go to rmmultipurpose.com.np/wp-admin/ there is a string of code…

Your problem looks similar to this:

The message below does not include problems including websites not working, but there have been similar “just code website” incidents which have been linked to the server problems in other posts.

(eg: This post :confused:)

Here is the pinned message just in case:

There might be a way to recover your site though… Do you have a backup for your site? What do you mean by:

Unfortunatly If there is no backup, then the only way to keep your site going smoothly is by reinstalling wordpress using softaculous or the way you installed it and then starting fresh :pensive:

All in all, look at this post because it is similar to yours.

I hope this helps!
-Casmat :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Or just fix the corrupted files without deleting everything.


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