Restoring to wordpress 5.4

Username: epiz_26185859
my website is

I was restoring my website through softaculous and it showed me this message;

The following errors were found :

  • File /home/vol6_6/ for your website should be uploaded here! already exists and is write protected
  • There was some error while unzipping the backup files

I also tried to re-upload the file and it is showing this message;

The following item exceeds the maximum upload size (128.0 MB) by your server configuration.
wp.26_40608.2020-09-08_04-16-04.tar.gz (322.1 MB)

so what should I do? please guide me because my website has been totally broken due to updating it to 5.5.1 and now I want to restore it to previous one :frowning:

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