WordPress 5.5.1 update error

My website is www.dearknowledge.com

I have recently updated my website to 5.5.1 and i am getting this message now;

There has been a critical error on your website.

Learn more about debugging in WordPress.

and now my website is not working and i don’t have the backup of my website :frowning:
Can you fix this problem?

Thanks for the reply
by following the steps to recover my website I have downloaded the SQL backup.
The next step is unclear for me which is ; “Upgrade wordpress to an older version using Softaculous, just override the things, expect the database”

Can you please guide me about how to do that in softaculous step by step? just like you told about SQL backup step by step…In this way it will be much more easy for me to follow…

Username: epiz_26185859
my website is www.dearknowledge.com

I was restoring my website through softaculous and it showed me this message;

The following errors were found :

  • File /home/vol6_6/epizy.com/epiz_26185859/htdocs/files for your website should be uploaded here! already exists and is write protected
  • There was some error while unzipping the backup files

I also tried to re-upload the file and it is showing this message;

The following item exceeds the maximum upload size (128.0 MB) by your server configuration.
wp.26_40608.2020-09-08_04-16-04.tar.gz (322.1 MB)

so what should I do? please guide me because my website has been totally broken due to updating it to 5.5.1 and now I want to restore it to previous one :frowning:

Please dont create additional topic,you can ask this question in the WP Update problem Topic itself!

apologies for that, actually I am totally new to all these website stuff and i am in learning stage of wordpress… Please forgive me for such blunders :sob: :sob: :sob: today i lost my whole website by updating :sob:

Uhm,I think you dont have any stuff in your website.

if yes,you can do a fresh installation

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Do not worry, we will all help you.

@dearknowledge, You need to manually update WordPress from your FTP client. Follow this guide (make sure your on the “Manual Update” section) and you’ll be on a straight path in no time!


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