Request for the Backup of my Suspended Account

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username: epiz_25493285

Error Message

Account Deleted!

Other Information

I noticed that my account got suspended for a while and then deleted as it is free and there were a high volume of visits per day. I have received an email stating that the account cannot be reactivated anymore, but I can request for a backup for it.
I would like to request for the backup files of my website ‘’ which was hosted on your servers. I kindly request your assistance on the above matter.

Hi and welcome to the forum! We don’t deal with account suspensions here. If you want a backup, please submit a support ticket from the Client Area.


Hi, Thanks for your reply.

I tried to find “Submit a Ticket” button but I couldn’t. Can you please share a link or something that can help me.

Login to the Client Area, click on the suspended account and there you should find an option to submit a support ticket. If your hosting account still doesn’t have it, try to reset its password from the Account Settings. It should fail and sync the suspension status with the Control Panel so you can submit a support ticket.


I have reset the password from the account settings and from the “Forget your password” option but both ways did not solve the issue. The Submit Ticket option is still not visible.

In the email, it should say that it was in a reply to a ticket. You should locate the suspended account in the client area ( and click the “Support ticket” button after you open the account viewer


I am afraid that, since the account was deleted, it cannot be recovered anymore:


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