Request for Account Closure

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Label: Obondium Launchpad

Username: if0_35275407

Following our account suspension and deactivation, we have reached the conclusion that we no longer need to continue with Infinity Free services, nor do we wish to upgrade to iFastNet.

We understand that the closure of our account (username: if0_35275407) has been scheduled. Please proceed with the closure as planned at your earliest convenience. We appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.

Thank you for the services provided.

Big Time,

Derick Bond

Founder, Obondium



Account deletions are handled automatically. It doesn’t require any manual effort from anyone, but we also don’t have any manual control over it.

So I’m glad you appreciate our prompt attention. But know that it won’t make the deletion of your account go a second faster or slower than if you didn’t reach out.


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