Remove Footer Credits


Remove Footer credits for the vanilla forum theme

I already edited the PHP and CSS files but the credits are still there…

Try clearing your cache.

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Before you do that, note that it may be illegal depending on what license you are using. If you are doing something illegal on your site, it may be suspended permanently


It is allowed on Vanilla, doesn’t violate the license.

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Already did but doesn’t seem to work

I did refer to this discussion and have already done the steps but still it doesn’t work.
Also the banner images doesn’t seem to work.
It worked at first, but then I reinstalled the components again and the images doesn’t show up even though I used the same image file as before.


It looks like the code used by Vanilla has changed. Use the below CSS to hide the logo:

.footer-col logo{display:none!important}


Ok, Let me try that…

Do you also know how to solve the banner problem? Its displaying on the admin dashboard but on the actual site the image seem to be not loaded.

It’s solved.
I just edited out the credits and replaced them with mine. We can modify it in the file footer.tpl
which is available in addons/theme/{your theme}/footer.tpl

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