Remote controlled car through infinityfree

im making a little remote controlled car, and I want to control it through a website. how can I do this? do i stream the feed from the camera onto YouTube and then auto play it on the website? how do I make it show to YouTube stream? how do I send information from the website to the raspberry pi on the car? so if I made four buttons for each direction and I want the car to move according to the button pressed, how do I send that information my raspberry?

This project seems better suited for a local application. It seems like a) not a website, and b) way too heavy for the hosting here.
If you are using a Linux system, it is quite easy to control a Pi. You can also use Python, C++, etc for a graphical application to control your car as you described.

Best option.

It is almost impossible to control a remote intranet computer from an internet server. It is much easier to do all of this remote controlling locally on your home/work intranet.


thanks for the response!

I know it would be better as a local application but the point of my project is remote tourism. im not to make site that needs handle a ton of visitors im just making a demo to figure out if its possible.
in terms of contacting the pi, my idea was do something along the line of strapping a router on to the pi and then having the pi access the database of the website and in some way upload to the database. so if you know a way that I can write a piece of code on the pi that can open the database and check for a specific string/int/whatever, then I could use that as a way to control the motors on the car.

Won’t work on free hosting because there is no external MySQL database access. Upgrade to premium if you need that.

Overall, this project seems like one better suited for a VPS with a custom IP address. You can get one from iFastNet.

And I still think you should consider a local application if at all possible (it is also more secure that way because it is not connected to the internet!).



I don’t know why the need for PI to look at DB ?

I will assume that your PI has a sim card and has internet access

then if you have a browser in it (must be able to have cookies and execute JS)

  1. you can give that PI (RC bot) some specific URL that it will monitor (refresh every 10 sec)

  2. and in that specific URL has some text generated
    depending on which button was clicked on the page

Means someone clicks the forward button (once)
your page on some secret URL/page generates text (or some other data)
like “go 3 sec forward”

Your bot sees that text and executes that command

but it is better to have something more complex instead of plain text

for example 0000x131351313 (and that string means "go forward 1 step)

it would be good to write “time/date” in front of that string

so the bot knows if he has already done something or not when he sees that string

but I think it’s all so complex and a lot of work but too little good in return.

What if someone drives a bot where there is no signal
lag in streaming and bot control
same problem with rovers on Mars (it takes a few hours to even know if the bot is on the right track) .

and many more complications that would spoil the impression

But practically most surveillance cameras have what you want !
you can remotely move them left to right up and down
and that could help you a lot :slight_smile:

which mostly after the power adapter actually work on 5v

And then you disassemble the camera
you find a servo controller (you can intercept the instructions it receives or connect directly to the motor outputs -if it suits your required strength and voltage)

So instead of lifting the camera lens up (RC)
it actually moves the bot forward (motors)
while the camera is constantly looking ahead

And assign some static IP to “web camera” (most have some of the free services for that)
and sends video streaming there
and then on your website just embed that video (mpeg) ,
or the entire interface (via iframe)
in which there are already buttons (from cam soft) to move the camera head
but also admin access via login.


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