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Before 2 days i made a Free SSL Certificate with Let’s Encrypt but then i done all the settings and installed ssl certificate successfully and when i run my website on https it also run but the in Free SSL Certificate option they are showing the Status as : Issued only it has been more than 2 days gone so what shoud i do ?

Issued means you get the cert. And since you’ve installed the cert, all is good!
Please tell me if you have more issues.


Ok thanks,

But i wants to ask something about nameservers.

That i am using a costom domain bought from hostinger and i am using InfinityFree as web hosting. My domain nameservers are pointing on InfinityFree’s nameserver ok.
But i want to use cloudflare ssl so cloudflare is asking for pointing cloudflare’s nameserver so for doing it i want to remove the InfinityFree’s nameservers so does it will effect my hosting (InfinityFree) and website ?


Please refer to this

If you get everything right then it won’t affect you.


Thank you so much

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