Register A creation where?

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Need create MX register for email

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[] A is the register to create…
The SPF and MX are created in cpanel.

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You cannot create A records on free hosting. However you can use cloudflare to route the domain to hosting while enabling your to add new records.


Since you have a custom domain, check this out:

You don’t need to create an A record to set up an MX record. Ultimately, the most important part is that the MX record of your domain resolves to the correct IP address, but it’s perfectly normal to have the mail server name of your email host in there instead.

A reverse DNS lookup tells me that the “official” name of the IP address is That means you can set your MX record to point to, and your email address will be delivered to your email provider in exactly the same way as it would with your own A record.

So unless your email provider has validation checks that say the MX host MUST be white-label, you don’t need the A record.


Then withmy the Records is enough?

and the spf record is not necessary?, because I have registered… v=spf1


MX records determine which mail server is responsible for receiving email for the domain name. SPF records let you control which IP addresses are allowed to send email on behalf of your domain. They control different things.

If you want to receive email, you’ll want MX records. If you want to send email, you’ll probably want SPF records (although it’s not strictly necessary). If you want to send and receive, you need both.


OK THANKS for U help!!


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