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Read this for more information:


because i was a new member i couldnt reply more times so i made another account. I can totally screenshot it

As it is in the deleted section, there is not way back!

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im waiting for the moderator to review @jaikrishna.t thank you!


Ok, no probs. But still the answer will be same.

Hey there.

Unfortunately, the account has been permanently deleted. Admin is replying and should have more information.

I’m sorry, but “deleted” really means “deleted”. As in: completely erased, eliminated and obliterated. Once your account is deleted, it’s gone forever, and even the best data forensics in the world won’t be able to completely restore it.

There is nothing to see, nothing to check, nothing to verify and nothing to ask. I can’t do anything, iFastNet can’t do anything. Once it’s deleted, it’s deleted.

We didn’t send you an email about this (we only send reminders for inactivity, not suspension), but in the client area, you could read the following:

If you don’t do anything, your account will be deleted automatically after some time.

The exact time it takes varies, and in your case it was only 20 days.

Nope, it isn’t. Deleted is deleted. There is no “maybe” here.


Perhaps I was thinking of something else. I thought the client area switched the states after x days, but before the 60 limit.

My apologies.


admin can do some other wise once your account has been deleted then you can not restore or backup it.

Pls check before you message.


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