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my account epiz_28956606 has been deleted but I asked you a question about the paid plan but you never responded me. You never sent an email telling that my account would be completely deleted! I would like to proceed with the paid plan but is there a way to recover my account? It’s only 6 days from when it was deleted and I was so busy with work and couldn’t find time to check the status of the website every day. Thanks in advance!

Once deleted it is deleted permanently. Hope you did backup in the first place

Some minor changes were not backuped

Your account cannot be deleted without being warned. You should’ve received two warning emails. So blaming doesn’t help.

I’m not blaming anyone, I know that I should be checking the status of the website but I checked my mails and there was only one email that told that my website was ‘suspended’ not deleted
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Good to hear that. You should be able to recover your website using the backup

Is there any member of Infinityfree that can check if my website is recoverable?
Thanks in advance

Only the admin can if you just provide a username. If you provided a URL, we’d be more than glad to check it.

The url is Thank you for your kind help mate :slight_smile:

Your domain’s nameservers are still propagating (idk why) . So waiting might help!

Waiting for admin to review?

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Nah, just wait, that is due to DNS caching :face_exhaling:.

Pray for my site! :pray: :rofl:

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Of course we wont on the contrary :fire:

Hello! Is your website still visible on

its only visible on deleted account section

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Ooh, then sorry to inform you that your account has been deleted completely.

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mby the admin can do something?

Nope, once account has been deleted, everything on the account are deleted permanently.


If the account is marked as “Deleted” it may still be there, depending on when it was deleted. Can you please screenshot it?


To others replying here: please make sure the information your are giving is accurate and correct. Thanks!