Rar, zip error

Every time I upload rar or Zip files from FTP it tells me that the transfer is successful but the files are automatically deleted, how do I fix this?


As for

Extract files locally then upload via ftp


It’s 2023, and it still takes 30 minutes to upload site files via FTP) Admins, don’t you think that unpacking the archive will solve this issue in 1 minute?

The speed of the upload depends mostly on the speed of your internet. The faster your internet, the faster the files upload.

You can’t upload zip files because of the maximum file size that is strictly inforced on free hosting.


What is the speed of your internet?
For me it take 5 - 10 minutes to upload


100 Mbit. In 5 minutes nothing can be downloaded on such free hostings, it has been checked many times, except for an HTML site of 20 pages) Here the speed is 2 files per second) On paid hostings the FTP speed is completely different. The speed of my Internet connection does not matter here. Therefore, everyone who chose the free plan must suffer)

Perhaps you are limited by your upload speed?

Not for me.

Most likely the issue is on your end


There is no problem on my part. The speed is intentionally limited by the hosting, or the free server is generally crap. And you are probably on a paid plan, so there are no problems) Even if it is 1000 Mbit, this hosting will not become faster. As I already said, I see this on EVERY free hosting. On a paid hosting (not this one) everything flies like an airplane. The ping between countries may also have an effect, but this is unlikely. Here even some files cannot be recorded the first time, repetitions are needed. All this is understandable, created as an incentive to switch to paid)

You are wrong, I am also on the free plan.

Please do the speed test and publish the results


Nope. Ping is exactly the issue.

When uploading an entire website with FTP, the limiting factor isn’t really the total number of MB, but rather the number of files. For every file upload, various messages have to be sent between your FTP client and our FTP server before the transfer is actually starting. So with more file uploads, you’ll spend more time setting up the transfer than you spend actually sending the file across.

This means that the latency between you and the server is much more relevant than raw throughput.

If you haven’t already, it helps a lot to crank up the number of concurrent connections in FileZilla. By default is uses 2 concurrent connections to handle uploads, but it can go up to 10. If you have a reasonably fast internet connection, you can make your file transfers to 5x as fast this way.

It isn’t. I think premium upload speeds are a bit faster, but not by much, and I definitely wouldn’t tell anyone to upgrade to improve FTP performance.


“As I already said, I see this on EVERY free hosting. On a paid hosting (not this one) everything flies like an airplane.”

It probably goes faster because you are closer to the server - or there is some sort of node that is closer to you that you are connecting to. Also, I highly suspect you are only referencing one or two other providers, because I will bet you money that there are plenty of premium hosting providers with slower FTP connections.


How to say… On your hosting I downloaded 4000 files for 30 minutes, and with repetitions, since many files asked to be written down again, since they are 0 bytes. On another server it would take 5 minutes without all this nonsense, where the lines in the status flash like formula 1. My FTP client is configured as it should and the speed is good, nothing depends on this. All this is just nonsense, it would have been easier to do a normal zip unpacking and not torment people. One file loads normally, but many take forever.

This could also mean there is something wrong on your end. Which was why only you see it.
There is no problem for the rest of us

Like I said, it’s 10 minutes for me. Clearly your issue. I rest my case


You probably live in the country where this server is located. Or you are simply unfoundedly defending this hosting)

You’re actually closer than KangJL is.

I don’t know why you’re having so much trouble with the FTP connection. Downloading an entire account takes time, but not half an hour with 4k files, and without file corruptions.


If you’re the only one having this problem with our FTP server, and you have this issue with many different FTP servers, it seems much more likely that the problem is on your end.

Our servers are located in the UK. Where are the premium servers you tested located?


Probably in Russia… I didn’t keep such statistics. Perhaps your servers are still running on HDD, when the whole world is already using high-speed SSDs.

I repeat, if on premium servers I have instant FTP, then how can I have a problem? Why repeat stupid things one after another…
I am more interested in the question of blocking a Yandex bot with your hosting (wrote in another topic), and this topic is secondary.

@Alexus please run the speed test at https://speedtest.net and post a screen shot, thanks


You all continue to pretend that everything is fine with hosting and I’m an idiot?) It’s funny.
I already wrote - I have 100 Mbit speed in both directions. What else do you need from me? These pictures with the speed test results, you think I’m lying or something… Stupid talk.

Being asked to provide speedtest results is not the same as being called stupid.