Quic cipher suite support on cloudflare

I really wanna add http/3 (quic) to my website but even though I enable, purge cache, use chrome canary, reinstall chrome canary, clear browser cache/data and even use in different device, QUIC cipher suite is not shown in my website. Any solutions/suggestions. You guys are Great!

Google.com shows quic protocol btw

To enable QUIC on Cloudflare, try to go to the “Network” page of the Cloudflare dashboard for your domain and enable “HTTP/3 (with QUIC)”, then use a tool like this to check whether the QUIC protocol is enabled. If you use Chrome Canary with some QUIC-enabling parameters to check if QUIC is enabled, note that due to its experimental nature of the HTTP/3 support in Chrome, it is known as http2+quic/99 in the Developer Tools.

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@Ergastolator1 even though I enable it on cloudflare, it doesn’t show up. It still shows as tls 1.3

Then you have to wait until QUIC will be enabled publicly on the Cloudflare network, as they announced it 4/5 months ago and still isn’t available for the public.

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@Ergastolator1, is it enabled on your site?

I didn’t enable it on my main website from Cloudflare, because that’s still not available on the Cloudflare network publicly, but some other WordPress websites I host on my cloud server with OpenLiteSpeed (and don’t have Cloudflare protection) have that enabled, for example this.

@Ergastolator1 so, it’s not available on InfinityFree yet?

Not until they install quiche, enable QUIC and TLS 1.3 protocol support and unlock port 443 on UDP on their nginx servers, but I don’t know when iFastNet does that and if they do that.

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But how did you enable on yours?

I already sent you a private message about that, so that other people except you won’t see the post.

I doubt QUIC support will be coming to free hosting any time soon.

QUIC is not available in both NGINX and OpenSSL, so you’d have to build your own, modified versions of the software to get QUIC support in the first place. It’s probably wise to wait for QUIC to be developed and standardized more before offering it.

And at iFastNet, they have quite… strong opinions about UDP traffic in general. So they’re not going to be at the forefront of this technology.


@Admin,there’s a website http://quic.cloud and it’s offering free automated ssl and quic support free but only problem is that after cname activation, I get a 520 class error cause ifastnet is blocking bots in server. Everything would be fine if they whitelisted these ip addresses http://quic.cloud/ips

We only support Cloudflare’s CDN at this time. We have no intent to support every CDN provider in the world, and especially not tiny providers like the one you’re referring to.


Well, I agree what you say but http/3 is the future

Look, http/3 is still in drafting. So don’t jump on yet. Definition and use, plus how it works could change. Clouldflare does support it, but they are starting out. I suggest you stick with them.


You’ll have to manually enable support in chrome and firefox too.

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It might be the future. Right now, it’s a lot of design drafts, alpha/beta level feature flags and patches. It will probably be years until the creators of server software, browsers and HTTP clients have support for QUIC in their stable releases. If or when they do, we’ll consider enabling it too.

Cloudflare has always been on the forefront when it comes to running cutting edge technology to speed up the internet. They were early with free SSL and early with SPDY (now HTTP2) before it became common place. They are early with Wireguard and QUIC now, even though both of those technologies are clearly labeled as “experiments” and “development snapshots”.

Props to Cloudflare for pushing innovation, but that doesn’t mean everyone needs to jump on the bandwagon immediately.


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