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Hello, it is allowed to use infinityfree domains, connecting CNAME and use a subdomain of a subdomain ( for example) to host a website of another platform like a Google sites website or it is not allowed?

I’m guessing that this is not possible. Furthermore, if it was, I’d think it would be not allowed.
Also, please do not spam, someone will help you eventually.


Ok, so it is allowed or not?

Did you read?

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You only that you think this

Because I literally don’t know. But I can imagine that it would break the TOS.

But go ahead: I don’t care if you get suspended for doing something like this
even when you asked for guidance and blatantly ignored it.


Ok, thanks anyway

Best wait for Admin to clarify this. Or do I think this was clarified before?


Ok, so let’s wait for @Admin

There is no need to ping Admin.


ok, sorry

It’s possible, so you can do it. It’s not formally supported I think, let alone encouraged, so no guarantees that it will always be possible or keep working though. If you want to be sure, you may want to get your own domain name.


Ok, thanks a lot

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