Question about ClouDNS with Infinityfree

URL : ( )

What I’m seeing is:

URL Redirect to Special offer and Discount Coupon

I’ve Used

Can anyone tell me what the problem is , thanks.
I’m still new and I’m testing it maybe We can’t use it with the free infinityfree accounts or I’m doing something wrong.

This is what I see when I check your domain:
Please remove those NS records and set them to and

There’s a difference between NS DNS records, and changing a domain to a nameserver. The fomer doesn’t work for verifying your domain name on InfinityFree, however you can use CNAME verification instead if you want to continue using ClouDNS.


I see you’ve tried to set up CNAME verification for your domain, however it has been done wrongly.

You need to point to, however your current configuration is pointing to

Fixing that should allow you to add your domain.


like this ?



Yes, this should be it. You may need to wait a bit for the control panel to recognize the change and allow you to add the domain.


Please note that you cannot add third party owned subdomains to your account with us. You can either bring your own domain name, or use our free subdomains, but not someone else’s subdomains.


Aha, okay Thanks

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