Problems in infinityfree account to frustation

Error Message

“Site not secure” after SSL installation and
"Not Found
The requested URL was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."

Even after all files are uploaded

Other Information

My infinityfree account is not showing up even after full upload and the SSL certificate automatically gets uninstalled sometimes

My website is stuck with

"Not Found
The requested URL was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."

Even the SSL is installed but also it is showing not secure and has index file but showing that nothing is present
I am searching on this topic for 2 days and now I am completely frustated

This is what happen when you mix nameservers



It is your own doing. Please remove the non nameservers



I see this


I believe you did not obtain any SSL cert


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Are you uploading all files via FTP? If using the File Manager, please note that large uploads tend to fail from there.

Your site works fine for me, only has a “Hello” page though:

The SSL also appears correctly installed for me and an SSL checker tool I use:


My website was not opening from 2 days I have uploaded every and tried every method including ftp but it did not worked then I deleted all files of my website to check that a single hello message webpage will open or not but yet it is still not opening
What did you typed that website opened in your browser but not in mine

I have obtained and installed certificate but certificate is not working

First, fix your nameservers problem by changing your nameservers to only ours and only keeping ours instead of the other two sets through your domain registrar’s nameserver management panel. Incorrectly set nameservers or multiple sets of nameservers will lead to problems even on your side. After you kept only our nameservers, wait some time and clear your browser cache and DNS cache and it should finally work all the time.


Nameservers are already set to yours

And SSL certificate is also installed

But see the problem? There are also the and DNSHorizon nameservers in it! Remove those and click on “Modify”.


My domain registrar is not updating these but they are there because my website is not opening even from 2 days and I became too much frustated then I tried other hosting web services but they didn’t worked because they said that
It is already hosted on your website and I can’t host on others because your website takes too much time to delete

You still need to remove the other nameservers, as they make your website not work correctly (for others, and very likely for you which is why you’re facing those issues).

Your SSL works fine; the reason you’re not seeing it is either your browser’s or your router’s SSL caching. Visiting your website via an incognito tab or a VPN should display it correctly.
If it works on incognito, clearing your browser’s cache should also make it work in a normal browser window.


It is displaying

Please help

This is from a different hosting. You’re getting this because you have mixed nameservers and DNS cache. This is what we see:

This article can help you:

In addition to that, please go to your domain provider and remove all nameservers except for and


Can you please delete my account?

Please do it yourself


Nope actually I thought if domain is not working then I have to use subdomains for practice and there is option of deactivation not deletion
That’s why I asked

As it says in the article:

However, due to legal reasons, InfinityFree is not allowed to delete your account right away. But you can set up your account so that it will be deleted as soon as possible.

Under no circumstances can we delete your hosting earlier on request. Please do not submit any support request through email, on our forums or in any other way, because such requests will be refused.

So no, we cannot delete your account.

If you want to link your domain to a different account, you’ll need to reactivate the account first and remove the domain from the account. When you do, you can use it on a different account immediately regardless of the state of the hosting account it was linked to before.

And next time, if you see a popup warning that says that domains will be locked to your account unless you delete them first, then consider whether you intend to host the domains on our platform again and delete the domains from the account before deactivating the account.

Doing so won’t fix the website issues you’re having though. As we’ve all been telling you: the problem is caused by the fact that you have multiple sets of nameservers on your domain. Please remove all the nameservers from your domain and keep only the and nameservers.


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