Problemi di connessione del dominio

Nome account: epiz_30788863

Buon giorno, ho problemi per la connessione del dominio verso i vostri server

Ho modificato il dns come richiesto e ho il dominio registrato.

Potreste controllare?


Please speak english. And likely you’re facing this:


They’re not set. And you can’t add .it domain here

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in the domain registration site tells me that it points to you, can it be that I have to wait again?

for the moment I have waited a day

No it is not

Unlikely to work here


understood, thanks for the support

I will ask to check in the domain site

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hello i have checked the dns but i have an error in your acceptance

I send you the screenshots

I have set the dns from the Italian Registration Authority site

and some procedures have failed

Can you help me?

Sorry, but hosting a .it domain is not possible here. See this:

Maybe you can still get a refund to purchase a regular TLD. A lot of ccTLDs don’t work here.


wackyblackie thanks for your help

I have not understood since I am at the first experience, what do you mean for

a regular TLD. A lot of ccTLDs don’t work here.

I currently have not bought anything on this site or the other one.

An example of a more regular TLD (a gTLD) is .com, .net, etc.

A ccTLD is what you rented from the Italian Registry: .it. Another example is .de, .eu, .io, etc.

If you can get a refund from the Italian Register, you should consider switching registries to another company, such as NameSilo and purchase a gTLD, they’re quite inexpensive. If you can’t, you’ll have to find another hosting provider, not on the Byet network.


thanks fo the support wackyblackie


Good evening, I bought the domain on Aruba

and it is this

it gives me the same error as the other domain that ended with .it

also this domain does not work with IF?

This looks like a registrar issue.

Work with your registrar.
If they cannot resolve it, get a refund ASAP


Hi, the register told me this

can you give me the dns records?

in order to be able to point the domain towards the InfityFree provider, the DNS records must be provided for the pointing.

After having recovered them, I invite you to attach them in response to the following request for assistance in order to be able to provide you with support regarding their insertion.

you can send them the A record with the server IP from the client area.

I’m sorry but I can’t understand much

I’m a novice, could you explain better where to find them please?

I found the two cname (?)

but not the connected ip addresses

Send them this:
Record Type A, Hostname = @ or, IPv4 Destination (Server IP) = (your server ip)
Your server IP will be in the client area and something like this under the account details section.