Problemi di connessione del dominio

thank you so much for your patience and help

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Ah and also send this along,
Record Type CNAME, Source =, Destination = @

in destination = @

the @ must be modified or should I send it to him the same as you wrote?

@ is enough as it represents your domain name.


That is incorrect.

The IP in the client area is for your website, not the nameservers. Using that IP will not work.

If your domain registrar does not accept the nameservers, you need to find a new one. Get a refund from your current one, and move to NameSilo, it’s cheep and works with Infinity.


Note that while you can point your domain name to our servers, that’s not enough to setup your website. A single website IP hosts a very large number of websites, and the server needs to “know” your domain to know which website to serve on it.

To do that, you need to add the domain to a hosting account. And to add the domain to a hosting account, you need to point it to our nameservers first.

If your current registrar doesn’t let you do that, you should try finding a different once. Because .com domains themselves do not have this restrictions, this is just your registrar being paternalistic.

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Good morning.

I’m having a little trouble understanding everything!

in summary what data should I enter in the register?

because I’m not understanding anything!

too much info !!

ok ok I managed to get the domino to point to IF

thank you all for the support!

it was like a birth but we did it hahaha

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