Problem with uploading files to my ftp website

Hello everyone, who felt to this situation like me.
I have an issue with ftp uploading files. I can’t upload any plugins to my site. I used monsterftp (is offered by infinityfree) but I got a message: “Can not read line from socket”
I’m also Chromebook user so I can’t use any windows ftp clients that could be offered. I also tried
to Use a sFTP (extension to my chromebook) but the same. Can’t upload any files.
I might not notice that problem if I had no problems with downloading plugins through wordpress plugins.
Anyone knows how to deal this problems?

Hm- does it work using a client like FileZilla?

It could also be that there are still on-going issues with FTP:


I don’t use FileZilla at fact, because I use ChromeOS.
Probably you are right, thankk for lyn replying.

Otherwise, could you tell me what hostname you used for the FTP extension you are using?

I was using a hostname as it was shown in FTP details.

Then it’s probably a FTP issue, see the post I sent above.

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