Problem with site redirect

Hello everyone. I have a minecraft server and use this hosting for a subdomain. Today started redirecting to a VIRUS page luring out personal data!!! This domain was on a redirect to my other domain earlier, i.e. this is not an SFTP hack. At this time, the domain for the minecraft server itself works as before. What is the problem? DNS records have not been touched since yesterday (yesterday I confirmed DMCA.COM using CNAME records)


What domain are you referring to?

This domain seems to exist and works for me:

This article may be helpful too:

I don’t think you can run external servers that are not accessible via a web browser here.

The security policy will block it.


Domain should be redirect to Google Sites, but he is showing virus page on uknow language. And it redirected 1 week, but today…

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I think there is something going on with the server.

Other people are reporting some issues too.


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